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Meet the Principal


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to Loretta Park Elementary School! On behalf of the faculty and staff here, we want to assure you that we have worked tirelessly to create a safe, loving, focused school environment that will embrace and reach every individual that enters our hallways. Together, we will watch our children grow and mature into the fine young people they all have the potential to be. We look forward to developing a strong home-school connection that will best support each child as they encounter and overcome the many challenges and obstacles that may stand before them. We will also celebrate the many strengths and special gifts they bring with them to our school community on a daily basis.

It is with sincere excitement that we enter this school building each day to do our best in fulfilling the special job of teaching and guiding your children in a trusting, yet challenging, educational atmosphere. We hope that you too are looking forward to this wonderful (and sometimes emotional) journey as the children enter Loretta Park, their home away from home.


Robert E. McCarthy, Principal